Our Capabilities

Helping government solve its most pressing challenges.

We accelerate the transformation of people, processes and infrastructure to guide agencies toward mission success.

Whether through business strategy, enterprise program management or institutional support services, PMCG offers solutions that empower government to deliver on their missions.

Federal agencies today need to be as agile and fast-paced as private sector organizations. Citizens demand rapid response and practical solutions to their needs. PMCG can help deliver.

From our work with international support organizations to our work with federal defense and healthcare agencies, PMCG has grown its enterprise program management capabilities to thrive in complex environments.

PMCG provides a strategic, collaborative and results-oriented approach to institutional support services. Our highly qualified staff understands and can execute within complex operating environments.

PMCG provides medical support services to the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. PMCG recruits advanced subject matter experts in various disciplines to help improve patient care.

PMCG delivers full-service strategic communications that increase public outreach, enhance internal communications, strengthen messaging and brand development, and expose the agency and its leadership to key audiences through social media, media relations and public speaking.

PMCG helps federal agencies plan for and implement technology solutions that enable them to manage and analyze vast amounts of data to easily adapt to new requirements as well as overcome threats.

To learn more about how PMCG can support your agency, please contact us.