Medical Support Services

The U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provide healthcare to millions of American military personnel, veterans and their families.

PMCG provides medical support services to these departments, recruiting advanced subject matter experts in various disciplines to help improve patient care.

Our team ensures that federal, state and local government healthcare providers have the tools, expertise and support needed to complete their missions. This work serves as part of our overall healthcare services portfolio and is one of the fastest-growing service offerings in the PMCG portfolio.

PMCG delivers the clinical expertise and technological expertise required to support federal agencies’ diverse healthcare requirements.

We work closely with federal healthcare providers, serving as a valuable advisor on healthcare efforts and providing supporting staff to ensure patient care remains at the highest standard.

PMCG’s Medical Support Experience

Our work for federal health organizations includes back-end administrative support, clinical work and interacting directly with patients at the point of care.

To learn more about how PMCG can support your healthcare efforts, please contact us.