Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA)

Equity and inclusion infuse every aspect of our culture and our employee experience—from recruiting and hiring through to engagement and professional growth opportunities.

At PMCG, DIVERSITY is more than a statement—it’s who we are. EQUITY is more than an idea—it’s how we think. INCLUSION is more than an initiative—it’s our daily practice. ACCESSIBILITY is more than a checklist—it’s how we do business.

Our Approach to DEIA

PMCG’s human capital team and hiring managers represent the diverse workforce we want to attract and build. We hire exceptional employees and foster a dynamic environment where their differences are celebrated, their voices are heard, and their ideas are welcomed.

The result: A level of diversity, equity, and inclusion unmatched by most companies. That diversity is also evident across our executives, directors, and senior program managers.

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PMCG By the Numbers

Our Workforce
Female or Gender-Neutral
of respondents identified as minority
Our Leadership Team
Our 2022 New Hires
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Walter Barnes III

“When people feel included and valued for who they are, they perform at their best and grow as individuals, which means we excel as a team and thrive as a company.”

What Thriving Means to Us

When our employees thrive, so does PMCG.

We understand that respect and appreciation inspire employees to collaborate, innovate, and invest in the company’s goals and success.

By recognizing, applying, cultivating, and rewarding the unique talents and skills of each team member, we create a truly vibrant culture.

Every day, on every project, we draw on the diverse perspectives and experiences of our employees—to the benefit of our clients, their missions, and the people they serve.

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