Helping Parents and Students During COVID-19

As part of our commitment to helping employees, PMCG offers free online tutoring services. This decision was made during the school shutdowns which stranded students at home and caused parents to juggle both work and school responsibilities for their kids.

PMCG hired Marissa Smith, a senior education major at Towson University in Maryland, to provide the tutoring services to any employee with school-aged children. Marissa engages students on a one-to-one basis via Google Meets and matches her lesson plans to applicable state learning standards and grade levels.

For the most part, Marissa focuses on reading, math and writing and breaks up the lessons with fun activities and games. She enjoys helping parents and children meet the challenge of furthering education during the pandemic. But she also sees the experience as helping her reach her career goal of becoming a teacher:
“This whole project has been fun. The kids are great and they really help me grow as an educator. Online learning was becoming more prevalent even prior to COVID-19 and this has given me experience teaching in this way. Working with PMCG has also helped me to prepare individualized lesson plans for several grade levels and made me see how different students have different learning styles.”
PMCG employees also see the benefit of this program. According to one team member:
“The tutoring services provided by Marissa have been invaluable. They help our kids keep up with their education while freeing us up to perform our work. We also don’t have to worry about our kids falling behind in their education during the pandemic.”
“Service is at the core of our company culture,” said Walter Barnes III, President of PMCG. “The tutoring program is just another way to help our employees meet the challenges of COVID-19. In turn, PMCG members can better focus on our main priorities of helping our clients grow and prosper. It really is a ‘win-win’ proposition for all of us.”