Practice Areas

International Development

From Bangladesh to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, PM Consulting Group (PMCG) partners with federal agencies to provide development solutions around the world.


PMCG delivers technology, healthcare and education solutions through U.S.-based federal agencies operating abroad. Our services encompass the work of more than 130 management, administrative, programmatic and technical professionals delivering exceptional services, including:

What does this work really look like?

In some cases, we train government beneficiaries on cyber hygiene. For others, we support the implementation of agricultural and food safety programs, faith-based initiatives, inclusive development and children’s rights.


PMCG delivers the expertise needed to help federal agencies determine and implement solutions that make a real difference in the lives of people across the globe.

The PMCG Difference

We deliver subject matter experts with in-country experience, including language and cultural knowledge.

We partner with community organizations to implement projects and to build their skills and capacities to operate independently.

We provide support services and training domestically and internationally.

Where We Work

Our team supports projects in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, the Caribbean and Eurasia. PMCG will continue to build our international development capabilities and explore partnership opportunities with organizations making substantive changes in our world.

Contact PMCG

If you’re interested in learning more about our international development capabilities, please contact us.